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Cash ,  Bater  &  Trade

It’s a pleasure to share some of my most recent updates, exciting endeavours and general health and wellbeing news you might have missed. Make sure you stay up-to-date by checking back often.

US National and or Global Currency 

$150 per hour

I accept the U. S Dollar and any other global currencies unless sometime that the dollar is discarded (as it is barely worth anything ) . 


If you or someone you know cannot afford $150 an hour, I recommend to Barter with me! Each Barter is discussed prior to booking. I believe every single living creature should have the right to the healing benefits of massage. Those who are living hand to mouth exclude themselves from massage sadly because of affordability. Partial cash payment or complete substitute of cash I instead will accept:

Precious metals : silver, rose/yellow gold , turquoise, pearl or natural stone Vikining Sewing Machine attachmentsQuilting supplies (2) Large Dog harness for Boxer’sNon-perishable food: canned meat, fruit, vegetables 
Fresh: oranges or melon.Oil: jajoba, rice bean, avocado, Aragon, virgin coconut, vitamin e or sunflower oil. Tools: Level, drywall T/carpenters/speed squares, wire cutters, wire strippers, utility blades, steel snips, pvc pipe cutters, drill and impact driver, circular saw, table saw, miter saw, pliers, angle grinder, compressor and pneumatic tools, jigsaw, or power shearsCarlsbad Strawberries Transmission, Motor or Hydraulic OilCamping Equipment or GearBatteries: AAA, AA and D.Cleaning Products: Mergers, Woolite, Clorox (1&2) , softener, windex , sponges, essential oils (single ingredient ). These are all suggestions, feel free to contact me to ask specifically if there is anything you like to Barter, ask my recommendation or mix and match with the examples above. Don’t let capitalism take your right to heal! I do not discriminate and am grateful for an opportunity to Barter compensation for my service. 


If you are a fellow service professional looking for a trade I’m willing!

All petitions of trades will be considered.


(1) Free 60min Treatment?

If you or someone you know is suffering in great discomfort with chronic pain who cannot afford to pay $150 or to bater or trade, I am offering this. Please send me a letter of why you need a free massage and the aliment that is crippling your quality of life. I do not want or require personal documents to verify, but a letter of your  heartfelt true story of your pain. This is your Karma! Submission to qualify accepted monthly. Please send letter to contact number provided on site to be considered for Karma 

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