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What should to expect from my first session?

Please allow me to arrive 15-30min. before appointment time to set up products and supplies necessary for treatment.I start the clock once my client is on the table. I would like to hear your expectations, concerns and allergies before we begin. Your time is valuable and each moment of the treatment should be spent as such!
You will be detoxifying, mind and body, for up to 72hr after any massage. Be ready to give yourself water, rest, and anything else to alkaline your body’s equilibrium.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Be vocal to your therapist, I love to talk! Each body and person is different, in the physical and spiritual sense, as is your healing experience. Wear comfy clothes,  minimal jewelry (necklaces ruin fluid neck work) and brush knots out of hair for cranial work. Prepare to hydrate and do not over exert yourself after treatment!

Cancelation Policy

Life happens, simply be mindful and communicate. I rarely have to cancel in emergency situations and hope the understanding is mutual. If your booking appointment has been cancelled due to me, I will do my best to find you a replacement appointment or provide recommendations with local owned business that I hold in high regard. 


  1. I do not accept donations/tips/payment during treatments or before, only after completing all treatments scheduled, will the booking person(s) either: pay cash at the conclusion of treatment(s) or will provide me with the agreed upon trade or barter.

*See News for further compensation :payment accepted for all services . information including :CashBartering Trade

Vulnerable Profession

Being a massage therapist is obviously a vulnerable profession, as memes about happy endings are common to introduce a different experience with massage. I do not offer sexually intimate services. Massage is an intimate service regardless, however my intention is felt, understood and respected by all my clients. Please understand and respect my craft, professionalism and my passionate to devotion in healing. 

@zbtru TickTock 

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